Creating an Internet presence is a vital part of gaining market share for a business. Creating videos for online promotion is as integral a part of Internet branding as websites and social media. In order to effectively use Video for marketing, a company needs to determine the available budget and how to effectively market videos online.

Cost of not doing online videos

One important consideration when looking at a budget for Internet Video, is the cost of not creating this form of marketing. Customers have a lot of power when it comes to the driving force behind advertising success.

Creating a regular series of videos that address the concerns of customers in the market will help a business create an authoritative presence. It also shows consumers and potential customers that the company is will to share information freely, instead of making people pay for every kernel of advice. Posting videos on services such as YouTube allow surfers to comment on the Video, creating a way to communicate with the target market.

The cost of not doing online videos is the business is missing out on a huge draw for customers. Studies show that 90% of web surfers are more inclined to stay on a web page if there is a video. Advertising campaigns that include viral videos have hits in the million. The BIC commercial that was aired on YouTube and gave viewers the opportunity to finish the storyline had 4 million hits in three days.

Cost of videos

The cost of not doing online videos is the missed opportunities for free advertisement to millions of potential customers. What is the cost of buying equipment to create a video?  This varies depending on how involved these videos will be.

Jing and similar video editing software companies offer versions for only $15-$50 a year for basic screen shots with graphics and audio. More expensive versions cost hundreds of dollars a year, but allow users to add more extensive graphics, live images, and audio. Video cameras can be small hand held units used for personal use, such as Flip cameras. They come in an HD format and allow users to connect to a computer for editing and only cost $200. Expensive cameras similar to what is used for a major production can cost up to $3,000.

Online Marketing of Videos

To create videos that have the potential of going viral, search engine optimization is necessary. Effective keywords in the title and description of the video and creating a channel on YouTube or other free services will help with search engine ranking. Google ranks YouTube videos high and viewers have the ability to share them with others, increasing the potential of going viral.

Creating a business video is a necessary element of  Internet marketing. With the ability to purchase software for simple videos at low cost, even small businesses can create professional videos. With proper SEO strategies, the return on investment for these videos can reach the thousands if the video goes viral.

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