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Balanced ScoreCard

What is a balanced scorecard? And how can it help align your business? In any organization, the ability to align the company vision to that of their services, their employees, and their profits is a difficult balancing act. Every company is different and every person within that company is also different, having different thoughts and ideas when it comes to…

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Systems Thinking

What is systems thinking? How can it provide a helpful hand in the alignment of your business or organization? To understand the concept of systems thinking (and that of systems theory and systems analysis), you need to know what a system is. Most people are familiar with different types of systems – a monetary system for example or even an…

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Theory of Constraints

The prospect of change is scary for nearly anyone and that is where the theory of constraints comes in. Change can either have good or bad consequences, and in some cases, the only way to see the benefits or disadvantages is to go with the change. In the business world, change can be scary and trying, especially now when consumers…

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Many companies lack innovative ideas. They may be relatively good at what they do and they may even make mild improvements in those areas, but while they are doing that, they miss major breakthroughs and new concepts that could really change the company’s landscape for the long term. Alignment to the customer is key to unlocking innovation and when organizations…

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