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How to Align Your Marketing Strategy with Pinterest

The website Pinterest has a variety of pictures on the main page of the website, from an image of a ketchup bottle as a pancake dispenser to a picture of a teacup. All of this may make you wonder how Pinterest can fit into your business marketing strategy. However, with statistics like an increase of over 2,700 percent in unique visitors to…

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Green IT

Green technology and that of green IT are the new popular trends that are happening around businesses and homes worldwide. The concept of being environmentally friendly is not a new one; however, using it to align strategies within a home or business in regards to being friendly to the environment itself is new. While there isn’t a definitive definition for…

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IT Project Governance

When a business is engaged in a project, whether it be design or an implementation of something, alignment of the decisions being made throughout is important. Important and aligned decision-making can easily affect the outcome of the project positively or negatively. This is where IT project governance comes in; project governance is the managing framework in which project decisions are…

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Systems Thinking

What is systems thinking? How can it provide a helpful hand in the alignment of your business or organization? To understand the concept of systems thinking (and that of systems theory and systems analysis), you need to know what a system is. Most people are familiar with different types of systems – a monetary system for example or even an…

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Business and Technology Convergence

Technology is an integral part of everyday life and with the exploding development of mobile technologies, like Smartphone’s and tablets, our lives can effortlessly be planned and carried out through the use of various apps. In the past organizations used to delay until certain technologies reached the right audience saturation before adding it to their strategy but current trends dictate…

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