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1Alignment – the first step in the process is to triangulate your organizations position and align it with its three customers.


2 Framework – the second step is to have a framework that facilitates the communication to begin steering.


3 Maps – based on the best practice map used it will integrate and align it to your organization.

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About HTR

Handling The Remedy is a new paradigm for driving organizationally aligned business and technology solutions.

Through our methodology we help leaders align people, processes and practices to capitalize and monetize on the best practices implemented across the organization for today and tomorrow.

The goal is to ensure that organizations have a competitive advantage using their two greatest assets people and technology.

About The Author



David G. Peterson

David has extensive international experience managing projects and operations for large financial institutions. He has worked in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia skill-fully managing business and technical requirements, core systems enhancement and support, merger and acquisition integrations, business process reengineering, off-shoring and outsourcing.