Does your business have a Facebook group page? What is your organizations strategy and how does the alignment of Facebook mesh with your customers. Serious companies simply have to have an online presence in today’s modern society to be viewed as credible by customers.  That means having a website and taking advantage of social media outlets such as Facebook.

Facebook is not just for keeping tabs on friends and family members.  It can also be a highly effective business tool, when used correctly and alignment of the tool to the business is critical.  It is a great place to market products, make announcements, communicate details, get jobs, and connect with people in general.

In order to properly use Facebook for business, companies need to keep the following items in mind:

Profile Management
-Earn consumer trust by filling out the business’s profile completely.
-Create a business account/group page.
-Read all of the rules on Facebook regarding business accounts in order to keep the business out of trouble for inadvertent violations.
-Improve the conversation between the business Facebook page and other social media accounts like blogs and websites by installing proper applications.
-Make sure all personal aspects of the profile are set as private through the “Settings” field.
-Fine Tune the friends list by creating lists for work, family, limited profile, friends and other categories.  This gives more control over the privacy of the profile.
-Post business, casual, or even professional pictures of employees to put a face to the brand.
-Post information on archives and newsletter subscription details for those who want more information from the company on a regular basis.

Connecting with Others
-Get a vanity URL through Facebook so people can find the business page easily.
-All the Facebook URL to the end of email signatures, business cards, and other marketing aspects so customers can learn more about the business with ease.
-Post business updates on the Facebook wall.  Make sure the updates are relevant and interesting and not minimal.
-Share links on useful articles that are of interest to the business as well as valuable resources overall that may be of interest to the customer.  This will help establish the credibility of the business.
-Research prospects before having any contact with them outside of the Facebook world.
-Upload contacts from a client email list to make more connections
-Use the Find Friends feature to get suggestions of other people who may be interested in the business in order to expand the network further.
-Check the mutual friends list to make contact with people the business has in common with current contacts.
-Buy Facebook ads to target your specific audience.

Use Group Pages
-Start a group page for a product or business.
-Add basic information like the company website, newsletter, or other details.
-Post details about upcoming events, conferences, or other programs.
-Update the page with helpful advice or answers to questions on a regular basis.
-Join networks that are related to the business.
-Search to find other groups and fan pages that are related to the business.

Facebook is a must-have marketing tool for any business but organizations have to ensure that proper alignment of tool to service is achieved. By creating and maintaining a business group page, you will be regularly connecting with new prospects as well as current customers and as all businesses understand, regular communication yields new business sales opportunities.

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David Peterson

David G. Peterson is a business consultant and author of Handling the Remedy. He has extensive international experience managing projects and operations for large financial institutions. He has worked in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia skillfully managing business and technical requirements, core systems enhancement and support, merger and acquisition integration's, business process reengineering, off-shoring and outsourcing.