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Offshore Application Development

Offshore application development is becoming increasingly important for the overall industry of global IT. Development of offshore applications and systems is steadily gaining acceptance and credibility within many US and European enterprises as a cost-effective, and superior quality alternative to more traditional development options. Offshore topics are creating more and more headlines around the world. Media and political rhetoric have…

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Outsourcing – Application Development Pro & Con

Many businesses deliberate the option of outsourcing their application development efforts to third party providers.  There are some valid arguments on both sides to consider for software and systems management and how best to provide this service to the business.  The following are some pros and cons to consider while evaluating outsourcing options for your application development work: PRO CON Outsourcing the development…

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Mobile Applications and Tablets

A recent poll done by popular site Mashable stated that more people are looking things up with their phone apps than searching the web itself. But why? What makes mobile apps and media tablets so favorable? And why are the business professionals at the forefront? The Rise of Mobile In an article from 2010, Gartner put mobile technology as the…

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