Business and Technology Convergence

Business and Technology Convergence

Technology is an integral part of everyday life and with the exploding development of mobile technologies, like Smartphone’s and tablets, our lives can effortlessly be planned and carried out through the use of various apps. In the past organizations used to delay until certain technologies reached the right audience saturation before adding it to their strategy but current trends dictate a faster convergence of business and technology on mobile platforms and organizations have started to recognize the need to start adopting new technologies faster to establish market position.

Convergence of business and technology is rapidly increasing and effective alignment of core organizational strategy alongside marketing and technology strategies are essential to retain market position. For countless organizations the rate of convergence is exponential and their in-ability to adapt to this change is being exploited by their competition.

With the unceasing change taking place on the internet and mobile platforms, the landscape to do business is for the technology savvy or aligned organization. Alignment of business and technology is proving to be indispensable to the success and profitability in any organization. But what exactly is convergence and why would you want this for your organization?

What is convergence ?

Convergence is the formal cooperation between two functions that had previously been disjointed. It does not mean merging the technology group with the business group; it does means alignment of the technology department with each line of business.

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David Peterson

David G. Peterson is a business consultant and author of Handling the Remedy. He has extensive international experience managing projects and operations for large financial institutions. He has worked in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia skillfully managing business and technical requirements, core systems enhancement and support, merger and acquisition integration's, business process reengineering, off-shoring and outsourcing.